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Barnes Wallis Academy

At Barnes Wallis Academy we aim to provide each and every one of our students with the guidance and support they need to excel.


It is important that every student gets the best chance to succeed at Barnes Wallis Academy.

Special Education Needs

The identification of students with special learning needs and assessment of their learning requirements takes place upon their entry to the academy.

The process begins during meetings with our partner primary schools and initial discussions with parent/ carers. We keep close contact with parent/ carers to discuss progress. As much as possible, students with special learning needs are taught within class groups, although small group work and individual tuition will be used where appropriate. When necessary, we work closely with other Lincolnshire services to support students with special learning needs.

Please go to the policies section for our full Special Education Needs policy.

Gifted and Talented

Barnes Wallis is a community which recognises the central importance of each individual and his or her relationships with others.

We endeavour to encourage students’ aspirations and create opportunities for them to become confident, responsible adults.

Keeping this mission statement in mind, provision for the able should be seen as an aspect of provisions for all children, as an integral part of equal opportunity for all students. We need to provide a consistent approach and to be aware that the gifted and talented have as much need of differentiated work as any other student.

Young Carers

At Barnes Wallis Academy our Young Carers group has been running for several years and during this time we have enjoyed lots of exciting activities both in and outside school.

Our Young Carers have the benefit of being able to have someone to talk to when they need to, and feel safe and secure within our school.

Our Academy has a great awareness of Young Carers, we meet every week and use this time to train, discuss and support each other.

Our students are not judged, they are understood and respected for their additional responsibilities. Find out more about our young carers here.

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