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Barnes Wallis Academy

At Barnes Wallis Academy we aim to provide each and every one of our students with the guidance and support they need to excel.


During the Academic year, there are many opportunities for students to experience learning outside the classroom and beyond the normal curriculum.

Trips out of school are an excellent opportunity to learn about the environment, the community and to develop good relationships with fellow students and staff.

A range of clubs exist for our students, the number of which increases in the summer term when most subjects offer additional coaching and support. There are sports, music, young carers and Interact - our charity club. The school also runs a daily homework club where students receive support in their work outside the classroom. For our sports activities' timetable, please see the sports page.

Barnes Wallis Academy has a good tradition of school music productions, which we feel is an important aspect of school life. The forthcoming year will see musical presentations and evenings involving a large number of our students.

A key part of this is that we encourage our students to be active and get involved in sporting competitions against local teams and other secondary academies in the David Ross Education Trust.

In short, whatever our students would like to do - we endeavour to help them achieve their potential. If there is a club we don’t already have that you would like to see on our enrichment programme, then please let a member of staff know and we will do our best to accommodate. We are also continuously looking for people who are happy to volunteer in helping to run our extra-curricular activities.


Modern Foreign Languages activities

The Academy's Modern Foreign Languages department runs trips to France.

Charges for school activities. For optional trips and visits we may ask parents/ carers to make a full contribution and all other trips we ask you to make a voluntary contribution so that the trips remain viable.

For some technology lessons, parents/ carers may be asked to either supply ingredients/ materials or purchase them from school. The finished items can be taken home from these lessons. Charges are also made for music lessons held outside normal lessons.

We make every effort to try and ensure students will not be disadvantaged at Barnes Wallis due to financial hardship. Concerned parents/ carers can contact the activity organiser or their Head of House if they wish to discuss such matters confidentially.

Community Programs

For a number of years, pupils have helped to provide meals at the luncheon club for elderly people. 

Our links with the community continue to grow. In recent years the school choir has been asked to sing Christmas Carols at the local old peoples home. We also work closely with the local Rotary Club and value their support in assisting us with our charity work and providing extra-curricular activities for our students.

The school has a positive attitude to links with industry and we currently work with Moy Park who assist with our careers offering.

Interact Club

Barnes Wallis Academy has been running an Interact Club at the school for over 10 years.

It meets every fortnight at lunchtime to discuss and plan fundraising activities. These are overseen by the President, Vice President and Secretary.

The term, Interact, is derived from "inter" for International, and "act" for action. We are supported by the Rotary Club of Woodhall Spa and together we plan and organise projects of service to the Academy, community and the wider world.

You can find more information about them at 

Members carry out volunteering and fundraising activities throughout the school year.

As part of their work they volunteer to serve lunches to the elderly members of the community and every December we also host the elderly members of the community for a Christmas lunch at the Academy. They also give up their own time to fundraise for both local and global charities. They raise funds by bag packing at supermarkets, hold discos at school and organise cake sales.

Members who have taken part in the club for over a year are nominated for a Group Diana Award in recognition of their fundraising. So far in excess of 50 pupils have received this prestigious award. The Diana Award, set up in memory of Princess Diana, is given to young people who have shown a commitment to changing their world through volunteering and fundraising. In recent years, one of the members was chosen to represent the Interact Club and received her award at a ceremony at the House of Lords

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